Hallvard Johnsen as flutist


espite the fact that he dedicated most of his time to composing, Hallvard Johnsen was also a flutist of the highest standard. He played his instrument with artistic integrity and technically he displayed a serene brilliance. Both musically and technically his playing was characterised by inner calm. He let the music come to expression with a distinctly original timbre. There were evident similarities in the physiognomy between the creative and performative artist: Beautiful in timbre –simple, lucid and always distinguished– void of superfluous gestures. It is obvious that his performing side contributed to shaping him as a creative artist.


allvard Johnsen played solo flute in the Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces from 1947 to 1972. However, he started his career with the National Theatre’s Orchestra, where he played from 1945-47. At the same time he regularly performed at other concert events –in churches and concert halls– but mostly so in younger years. He also contributed at various radio concerts staged by Norwegian National Broadcasting, both as soloist and as a member of smaller ensembles. In the period 1972-1985 he lectured at Rud Secondary School in Bærum, where, among other things, he taught the young students to play the flute


Premiere Concert - Nationen (a daily Norwegian newspaper), Saturday February 8th 1941:

Pastorale nr. 2 with
Hallvard Johnsen on flute